Commentary – Another in our Series of Real Estate Educational Videos, The Appraisal!

I have mentioned before that as part of our commitment to help our clients and our customers we would be producing a series of informational videos explaining the various parts of the real estate transaction as well as information about the local community and other informational videos. We have just completed and posted the most recent addition to the series, our video covering the appraisal process.

This video covers what an appraisal is, how it is done and the impact it can have on both the buyer and the seller. It discusses the range of criteria that impact an appraisal beyond the usual “standard appraisal items” and discusses the additional specifications banks and mortgage lenders may apply to their own approval process. This is a very instructional and informative video and I encourage you to click on the link below and take a few minutes to view it. As always, we would appreciate any feedback you may wish to send us. Please forward your comments to, or if you would like more information about our other videos please contact us at


To View the Video, Click on:


About gvenice

I have over 25 years of electrical engineering and business management experience. I previously owned and managed a multi million dollar engineering firm. My work took me all over the globe, managing the construction of manufacturing plants where I built a reputation of providing superior service, getting projects done on time and within or under budget. My dedication to the fine details and logical approach to accomplishing tasks provide a huge benefit to my Real Estate clients. After selling my business and retiring to this area, I found a new passion in the Real Estate business and I bring to this business the same level of professional skill and conduct that has made mr successful in the past. My global exposure and extensive travel are also an asset when dealing with a customer base that is located worldwide. An avid boater, I have a thourough understanding of the waterways of East Tennessee and the intricacies involved in dealing with the TVA and the Army Corps of Engineers.
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